Wood bed plans

wood bed plans

I’ve occasionally come across discussions between myself and others and there’s always that one question. That question often is how do platform beds assemble? This is actually a pretty good question and can be answered in a number of ways. In this article we’ll take a look at some standard assembly methods for platform bed frames and see if we can answer this question.

The first thing to know is that there are literally hundreds of manufacturers of platform bed frames. They may go by bed frames or platform systems but regardless if they accept just a mattress and have a built in foundation to the bed (slats or solid panels) you’ve got yourself a platform bed. I’ll try to identify the major brands and how they go together and you can compare your platform bed with these for some help.

Wood beds – These will be the most common platform bed frames. Typically identify the bed into 5 main parts. The headboard, footboard, two rails and a slat system. The headboard, footboard and rails will connect together using one of two general methods. First method, there are steel screws that are pre-mounted by the manufacturer on each leg post. In the ends of each rail are steel brackets. These brackets fit over the screws on the headboard legs and a rubber mallet is used to apply force downward to connect the screws to the brackets creating a strong connection. The other method may involve pre-threaded holes in each leg of the headboard and footboard. You’ll run your screws through brackets at the ends of the rails and then into the pre-threaded holes on the legs to make the connection. Finally you’ll need to install your slats. Some manufacturers provide wood screws and have pre-drilled holes with which to secure the slats to the built in shelf on the rails (which should be pointing inward towards each other.) Secure these and you should be all set.

Metal beds – These are the second most common platform bed frames. Identify the parts of this bed (and this will vary greatly.) Headboard, footboard, two rails and a metal support system. The support system I’m keeping in generic terms because yours may have steel crossbars or it may use a solid panel system or perhaps a metal frame with beech wood slats incorporated into it. Hopefully, one of these combinations. Metal beds are pretty straight forward. The rails on the ends have holes and there are threaded openings in each leg. Simply take your screws and connect these together to create the outer frame. Now on metal beds the foundation can be any number of system. If it’s a steel crossbar system then you’ll most likely have nylon clips which help to secure these to the rails. (You’ll remember these if you had them.) Take these and position them down the rails evenly then take your bars and position them into the clips. Then secure them with the screws provided by the manufacturer. If yours is a solid foundation these simply drop into the frame and you’re done in most cases.

When assembling a bed from scratch without instructions we can usually eyeball our parts and get the obvious things like rails connected to the headboard and footboard out of the way. Foundations can be a little trickier but if you’re without instructions you can visit the store where you purchased your platform bed or find the manufacturer of your bed online and usually obtain instructions that way too if you can’t remember how to assemble bed. Hopefully these things will help get you on your way to re-assembling your bed and getting a great nights sleep!

If you’d like to see animated instructions. You can click either of these links for wood platform bed assembly or this link for metal platform bed assembly. These links provide step by step assembly instructions that are animated and should help you get your bed together. I hope this article has been a useful resource for you. Thanks for reading.

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